Wagyu grilled with Yecla is a luxury

A top yecla on the wine list of a secret in Madrid

It is one of the most secret restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona, a sumibiyaki named after the mothers of the owners Chiho Murata and Ignasi Elias: Pilar (Madrid) and Carlota (BCN). Pilar Akaneya is a traditional Japanese experience to be discovered in the heart of the city castiza, which receives you with the welcome greeting shouted by all the team: Irassahaimase! More discoveries in this restaurant is a Castaño Santa that you can choose from their wine list, an immersive journey into the deep Japanese gastronomy where each table has its charcoal barbecue that also carries its designation of origin (Kishü Bonchôtan) where you can grill yourself the different cuts of wagyu that need no more than two seconds. There are thinner or thicker cuts, with more or less fat, and the most prized: the Kobe Beef A5 with more whitish and infiltrated fat, but also remember to take the tomosankaku (picaña), zabuton (overrib) or karubi (brisket). Of all these cuts, guess which is the fattiest and richest and the one that best accompanies a Yecla: yes, the karubi.

The barbecue is made of concrete, wood and brick raised on the same floor, which creates a warm and close atmosphere while the dishes of each menu are served. Save at least two hours to enjoy one of the most hidden delights for gourmet carnivores, one of the 150 places that are licensed to sell this meat. Until the ember show arrives, keep sipping your yecla with wagyu-stuffed gyozas, a duck broth with udon noodles, a marinated and battered pork tenderloin, the seafood of the day or a vegetable and mushroom hotpot.

Pilar Akaneya
c/ Espronceda, 33
Tlf. 913307699
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday

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