Why Yecla is the wine with the best value in Spain

We as winelovers don’t say so, but the wine guides and importers say so, who take no less than 92% of Yecla wines for their supermarkets and gourmet shops. If we check for example the Peñín Guide of  Wines of Spain, the most complete guide in number of wines, it gives us that 70% of the wines cost 10€ and if we refine further 40% of the Yecla wines, cost up to 5€. This means nothing if they are not accompanied by an acceptable quality and this is where the scores come into play. Granted, Yecla has only 9 bodegas and 4,830 hectares, but in proportion to other larger areas, the bar for “superb wine” here is set across the board. 

All the wines from Yecla (58), 100% are rated from 85 points in this wine guide, which shows that they are wines that exceed Very Good. Among this celestial court, 18 wines reach the highest levels of 90 points. It also indicates that Yecla is at the forefront of quality among other Spanish regions, even with the closest regions of Levante, which also sell very good Monastrell wines if we put them in comparison.

We can put on a purchasing manager’s hat and if we use his jargon, then the most dominant ranges in Yecla are the low cost (20 wines up to 5€) and the economy (19 wines between 5 and 10€), what Spanish region has so many low priced wines. From €10 onwards, Yecla wines only increase in value. You may ask yourself 

Why don’t we have more Yecla wines in the supermarket, in your nearest corner shop? We are convinced that they would be perfect best sellers. Can you help us to find them? 

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