Yecla, a discover for experts and buyers

Why is Yecla still an undiscovered area? We set out to find out by asking wine professionals, wine buyers and those involved in sales. A great day of reflection and research that allowed all the participants to get tattoos of the slogan I Love Yecla. Thank you to all those who enjoyed the new adventure so much!

There is an image of Yecla as an area or style of wine that is sometimes not clear in the mind of the consumer, let alone the wine critic. On 14 July at Lavinia Madrid we set up three groups in a focus group format to ask them what they associated the idea of Yecla with: the Mediterranean, Murcia, good price, quality, ratings, modern labels. …. Together we were able to get a much more complete picture of the road ahead for Yecla.

In the group of prescribers the conclusion was unanimous: among them they are very eager to know the mysteries of Yecla. We had the opportunity to meet Amaya Cervera, founder of The Spanish Wine Lover, journalist Raquel Pardo, Jaime Bermúdez, head of purchasing at Vinoselección, Luis Vida, winery consultant and wine trainer, and María Diez, Director of communications at Interprofesional del Vino. They were enthusiastic about the new bag in box format and some labels that are leading the market, such as El Bicho Raro from Bodegas Barahonda, Old Hands from Cooperativa La Purisima and they applauded the organic work that almost all the wineries do by nature, such as Hécula Organic from Castaño. Grape Monastrell continues to be a great value in the area because all agreed that the microclimate, dry soils, old vines and altitude of the Campo Arriba area bring a unique spirit to this key variety in Yecla. When we discovered some of the wines from the blind tasting, they couldn’t believe that many of them cost around 6€ and when all of them were rated above that price point!

We were also keen to gather the opinions of wine lovers and wine enthusiasts. We had representation from two women and two men over the age of 40 from the world of communication, design, employment and retail. We were able to gather that wine selection through wine guides and ratings, as well as recommendations from people we trust, is still important. The grape variety is not as important as good design or attractive packaging criteria and the relationship they may have with a region in terms of belonging. They were very impressed by the communicative labels of Yecla and the very reasonable prices.

The group of commercials, sommeliers and wine sellers brought a lot of light. They came from the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, the tavern La Fisna, Escuela Española de Cata or supermarket Carrefour. They all recognised the importance of Monastrell in communicating the Yecla style and the identity of the grape variety in the area. They considered that it is an advantage that there are wines in Yecla for all consumers, from the initiated who are looking for sustainable wines at a good price to those who are looking for something more, varietals or terroir wines and organic work.

Dare you say your own opinion about Yecla? Try to find a Yecla wine in your area and share your impressions!

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